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        Healthy Su Zhong
        Introduction Industrial Architecture Suzhong Events
        Suzhong pharmaceutical group

        Founded in 1972, suzhong pharmaceutical group is a new health industry group integrating pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical marketing and health industry. Headquartered in taizhou city, jiangsu province, the group covers an area of 480,000 square meters and has more than 3,000 employees, among which more than 40% are scientific and technical personnel. The products involve more than 180 specifications and varieties in the fields of natural medicine, chemical medicine, Marine medicine and biological and biochemical medicine. Among them, the national key new product ambrette capsule, the national basic medical drug injection of arteries and veins, features exclusive patent products Dan deer capsule, injection, check and gasp the spirit spirit oral liquid, particle, PuCan qing xuan cough capsule, particle, flower vine particle informed hin, YiHeChun oral liquid, FIG lozenges, versicolor intracellular glycopeptide capsule and other best-selling all over the country.

        The company has state-level postdoctoral research stations, academician workstations of jiangsu enterprises, jiangsu nephrology pharmaceutical engineering and technical research center, and suzhong pharmaceutical research institute. Based products with high quality and high clinical value, the company with the Chinese academy of sciences, zhejiang university, China pharmaceutical university, nanjing university of Chinese medicine, Paris, France in public hospitals group of first-class universities and institutions closely at home and abroad, to undertake major national drug discovery project item 3, 4 items of national ministry of science and technology torch plan project, national Chinese herbal medicine planting project, paragraphs 1 and 3 transformation of scientific and technological achievements in jiangsu province project of science and technology research projects and dozens of provinces and cities, authorized 74 invention patents.

        Middle pharmaceutical adhering to the "Su Run everything, zte kyushu" spirit of enterprise and social responsibility, adhering to the "use technology to create health" of the enterprise mission, thorough practice of "integrity, pragmatic, inheritance, innovation" the core values, continuous output health boutique, widespread health culture, actively optimize health services, determined to benefit the health, is committed to building brand in one hundred, power interpreta dream China health!

        Group of honor

        High-tech enterprise

        Top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in China

        State - level enterprises abide by the contract and credit

        The first group of innovative leading enterprises in jiangsu province

        Digital overview
        1972 +Suzhong pharmaceutical group was founded in 1972
        3000 +The total number of employees is more than 3000
        480000 +Suzhong pharmaceutical group covers an area of 480,000 square meters
        10 +Group under the jurisdiction of 10 holding companies
        3 +Three national major new drug innovation projects
        4 +The torch program of the ministry of science and technology has 4 items
        74 +It has obtained 74 authorized scientific research invention patents
        1 +Huangkui capsule won the first prize of national science and technology progress
        1 +One national Chinese medicinal materials planting project was obtained
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