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        Healthy Su Zhong
        Suzhong Events
        Introduction Industrial Architecture Suzhong Events
        Suzhong Events
        Suzhong pharmaceutical has three development stages

        Comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprises

        In 1972-2000

        Practical and innovative stage

        05, 1972Tai county pharmaceutical factory was established

        July 1982LVP won the fifth place in the provincial quality evaluation of 58 same industry

        05, 1989Obtained the new drug certificate of zhichuanling injection and the production approval document, and became the first TCM compound injection approved for production after the implementation of the drug administration law and the new drug approval measures in China (the first TCM compound injection registered in the Chinese pharmacopoeia).

        In March 1991Zhichuanling injection and weining granule won the silver award of international exposition

        01, 2000Take the lead in establishing the key enterprise technology center of jiangsu province

        In October 2000The workshop is the first to pass the GMP certification nationwide

        China's top 100 pharmaceutical companies

        In 2001-2010

        Reform and innovation stage

        02, 2002In the overall restructuring, jiangsu suzhong pharmaceutical co., LTD was established, and jiangsu suzhong haixin pharmaceutical co., LTD was established, and the production workshop was built according to the eu GMP standard

        05, 200230th anniversary celebration

        In October 2002Establish a national post-doctoral research station

        In November 2003Nanjing suzhong pharmaceutical research co., LTD

        02, 2004Introduce ERP, yonyou management system

        The year in 2006For the first time, it ranks among the top 100 pharmaceutical industry in China

        International pharmaceutical company

        Since 2011

        Capital innovation stage

        01, 2012"Su zhong" trademark won China's well-known trademark

        05, 201240th anniversary celebration

        04, 2013Sino-french business BBS invited suyao group to attend the conference, and huangkui capsule became the only international cooperation project of traditional Chinese medicine approved by the French government

        In December 2013It has built the first digital production workshop of TCM injections in China

        In December 2014Carry out sino-french cooperation project on huangkui capsules

        In December 2016Huangkui capsule won the first prize of national science and technology progress

        05, 2018Group research institute opening ceremony jinan research institute relocation ceremony was held

        In October 2018Ambrette capsule Ⅳ period clinical research was published IgA nephropathy - the world's largest sample of multicenter, randomized, double blind and double simulation and control study confirmed that ambrette capsule reducing CKD1-3 a period of IgA nephropathy urine protein function is not inferior to potassium chloride sand jotham 100 mg/d; Moreover, patients with urinary protein ≥2.0g/d were superior to losartan potassium -- the highest grade A evidence in the RCT study

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