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      蘇中藥業產品熱線:4008 609 609

      Brand Center
      Corporate Philosophy
      Corporate Philosophy Brand Building Group Pparty Building SuZhong Style
      Corporate Philosophy

      01Enterprise Spirit:Moisten all things and revitalize the earth


      Taking the meaning of recovery and surun, it means that suzhong pharmaceutical is based in jiangsu, looking around the world, striving to revive the extensive and profound traditional Chinese medicine culture, and becoming the spring wind of health of the whole people in surun. With silent moistenment and even rain and dew, it contains the principle of being calm and introverted, realistic and pragmatic, modest and prudent working style.


      Take zte, zhongzheng meaning, meaning su zhong pharmaceutical adhere to both Chinese and western, strong in the west, committed to zte strong health industry, to become the backbone of the people's health. It contains the humanistic thought that the people of jiangsu and China hold the precept of "zhong zheng" and "zhong zheng", and the professional cultivation of "zhong zheng" and "zhong zheng".

      Moisturize all things

      The spring breeze changes the rain, moistens everything. It is a metaphor for the inner energy of su zhong pharmaceutical industry with a long history and endless life and the life tension of hanging pot helping and benefiting people.

      Revitalize the Earth

      Enze sihai, puji kyushu. It is a metaphor for su zhong pharmaceutical's responsibility of holding the dangerous and supporting the top, saving people and people, and the grand aspiration of kang shou and kang ning in kyushu.

      Moisten all things and revitalize the earth

      Containing su zhong pharmaceutical not forget the original heart, to forge ahead of the spirit, the heart of the people, mind jiuzhou bearing and for the well-being of the people's health vision; It shows the company's great mind of silent moisten things and make great achievements, and the profession of medical people's benevolence and sincerity is the social responsibility of benefiting all living beings and the industry serving the country.

      02Corporate mission:Use technology to create health

      Use technology to create health

      Attract top scientific and technological talents, build first-class scientific research team, establish efficient research and development mechanism, and persist in leading enterprise development with science and technology; We will optimize production processes, innovate equipment technologies, strictly control quality standards, and promote industrial upgrading through science and technology. We will increase the proportion of investment in science and technology, introduce cutting-edge information technology, and enhance our core competitiveness through science and technology.

      Based on from children to old man's total population and from full cycle to prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, health care health demand, China pharmaceutical industry adhere to health as own duty, always with the Chinese medicine industry, with the international medical standards, continuous output health boutique, widespread health culture, further optimize the health services, determined to bring benefit to health.

      03Enterprise vision:Centennial Brand Human Health

      Build a century-old brand

      Taking health demand as the orientation, taking health of the whole people as the responsibility, adhering to the road of brand and international development, continuously improving the industry status, and striving to build a century-old brand, is the heroic declaration of suzhong pharmaceutical industry to serve the country, and also the cause belief of suzhong people without complaint or regret!

      Dream of a healthy China

      With people's health as the center and scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, we insist on "striving for high product quality and pursuing high clinical value" throughout the whole process of research, development, production, circulation and service of health products. To benefit a healthy family and realize the dream of a healthy China is the solemn commitment of suzhong pharmaceutical co., LTD., as well as the tireless career pursuit of suzhong people.

      04Core values:Integrity, pragmatism, inheritance and innovation


      Being honest with colleagues, sincere with customers and loyal to the cause is the most basic professional ethics of the people in Central Jiangsu and the root of the corporate culture.


      Advocating "development comes from practice, happiness comes from struggle", not empty talk, not exaggeration, down-to-earth, conscientious, is the consistent style of work of the people in the Soviet Union, the foundation of enterprise culture.


      Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture, Health Industry; Practicing Health Mission; Product Culture, Health Products. Not forgetting the original intention and working hard together is the fine tradition of the traditional Chinese medicine industry in Su, which is also the foundation of the enterprise culture in Su and Central China.


      We should adhere to the innovation of development concept, explore the innovation of development mode, promote the innovation of management mechanism, and constantly explore innovative thinking, innovative thinking and innovative methods in the development of enterprises.

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