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        Research and development center
        Research and development system
        Research and development system Scientific Research
        Research and development system

        The overview of Research institute of Jiangsu Suzhong pharmaceutical group

        Research institute of Jiangsu Suzhong pharmaceutical group——the core R&D platform of Suzhong pharmaceutical group, which consists of the Abelmoschus research institute, Nanjing Institute for medicine research, Jiangsu Consort Medical Technology Co.,Ltd and Technology Center, has almost 100 scientific research staff including senior technician, doctor, master and undergraduate.

        Based on population from children to elderly and whole cycle of health needs from prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and health care, we pursuit high quality products and high clinical values through scientific and technological innovation.

        Depending on national post-doctoral research workstation, academician workstation of Jiangsu province, Jiangsu pharmaceutical engineering and technology research center for kidney diseases and other first-class R&D platforms, Research institute of Jiangsu Suzhong pharmaceutical group has closely cooperated with more than 20 domestic and foreign first-class universities and institutions, focusing on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, kidney diseases, pediatric gynecology and anti-tumor, carrying out new drug research with precise treatment and clinical value as the core.

        In recent years, Research institute of Jiangsu Suzhong pharmaceutical group has undertaken three national major new drug innovation projects, four torch program projects of the national Ministry of Science and Technology, one national planting project of traditional Chinese medicine, three transformation projects of scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu province, dozens of provincial and municipal scientific and technological research projects, and has obtained 74 authorized patents for invention. Our products have won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award, the first prize of the science and technology award of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the gold award of patent in Jiangsu province, the science and technology award of Jiangsu province and so on.

        Honorary certificate

        National postdoctoral research station

        Jiangsu enterprise academician workstation

        Jiangsu traditional Chinese medicine nephrology drug screening project
        Technical research center

        Key enterprise technology center of jiangsu province

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